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A Seattle based promotional products company that delivers great branded products.

The Challenge

A local company wanted to become the "best" amongst the regional promotional products firms. To accomplish this they had to improve their brand positioning and reach, increase sales capabilities, prepare the organization for growth and most importantly develop a better understanding of their customers.

The Solution

We put the management team through a few of our "Business Workout" sessions focused on their business, customers and sales. Through our executive workout they were able to refine their mission statement and develop short and long term business objectives, milestones and growth goals. During our sales and marketing workouts we developed value propositions that would differentiate them for their competitors, identified "best customer" traits and developed targeted sales and marketing programs to attract those customers. We revised and re-branded their services based on best customer traits. To address customer retention and create cross selling opportunities we developed a simple customer management process and implemented customer relationship management software. Lastly, to support their long-term growth goals we defined an organizational structure and formal business management process.

The Result

Through their re-branded customer focused value proposition and services the company was able to increase revenue and profitability. They saw an increase in sales from "targeted account management" and the use of new sales and customer management tools. With new business process in place overall business performance improved as well as employee recruitment and retention.

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