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LINK Conference Service

Link Conference Service provides audio teleconferencing services to a variety of small and medium businesses, as well as resells web seminar services like WebEx and Live Meeting.

The Challenge

In addition to looking for short term growth from new business Link could not compete with the larger players in their space on price alone, and needed to create solid customer value to maintain their position and continue to grow revenues. Additionally, LINK needed to invest in partners for international expansion and determine if new technology entering the marketplace was a competitive threat or advantage.

The Solution

We started with an assessment of the conference industry and other services to identify short and long-term growth opportunities. We then developed recommendations and plans for business growth through new services and product ideas. To help Link build focused, effective sales and marketing strategies to grow its customer base we developed a series of deliverables including: an opportunity assessment & competitive analysis, redefined product and service offerings, "go to market" strategies – targeted audience, value propositions, collateral, & differentiation messages, a pricing strategy – pricing matrix, contract implementation, and sales planning & tactics – solution selling, cross-selling and up-selling and sales metrics.

The Result

As a result of redefined and repositioned product offerings Link was able to increase sales and customer retention. The revised pricing strategies increased profitability and Link's competitive position improved through go to market strategies, targeted customer programs and new value propositions.

Client Link Conference Service
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