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Fuse IQ helps organizations achieve their mission by creating effective web solutions that empowers their organization, engages their audience, and expands their fundraising capabilities.

The Challenge

After five years Fuse IQ had reached a critical juncture in the business lifecycle - either grow the business or sell it. Taking the business to the next level would require developing sales strategies to attract larger clients, repositioning the company to compete for larger deals, implementing new methodologies and processes to support more complex projects and significantly improving business performance and financial and management.

The Solution

We teamed up with the Fuse IQ management team to develop and implement a sales management process, build new sales proposal features and project estimation tools to create more accurate proposal budgets. To enable Fuse to reach a broader audience and new markets we initiated a brand repositioning and website redesign project. We redefined Fuse's core service offerings and developed complementary services to provide new streams of income. To reduce project overruns we worked together with Fuse project managers to develop and implement project management methodologies, best practices and client communication tools. We also created operating budgets, cash flows and financial forecasting tools to improve the management and overall performance of the business.

The Result

Fuse IQ increased its sales effectiveness and had its best sales performance in five years. The average deal size increased by 30% and Fuse landed its biggest "key account" with revenues ten times larger than a typical client. The new service offerings increased revenue through cross selling opportunities and with improved service delivery capabilities profit margins began to rise. Better financial forecasting, reporting and cash flow tools enabled the company to reduce operating expenses, negotiate a higher line of credit and improve collection rates by 15%.

Client Fuse IQ, Inc.
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